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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas is a time for hacking

This Christmas morning I turned my spare PSP battery into a hardcore Pandora hacking machine. I don't actually need a hardcore Pandora hacking machine but it certainly can't hurt to have a way to unbrick the thing if I need to.

On Thursday I'm going out to buy a PSP Slim. I'll keep that updated with the real Sony firmware so I have something I can use with my PS3. My old PSP Phat shall continue to be used for homebrew (Ahem).

It's not straightforward doing this sort of thing. The people writing the tutorials and readme files seem to have no skill in document writing in the slightest. They always assume the person reading them knows exactly what they're talking about which is exactly the wrong thing to assume of someone who needs to read the documentation. It's also a common flaw in most open source software. I got it done in the end though. Sony must have been gutted when that secret came out. It pretty much negates every single security measure they've put into the PSP firmware :)

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