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Monday, April 14, 2008

Delivery companies are all crap

I'm waiting for a new PC from Dell to be delivered. Dell hire Walsh Western to deliver who in turn subcontract the the clueless Business Post.

I have tracking info for the WW side of things but their tracking system has been broken for about a day and the automated phone line isn't answering. I phone up my Business Post depot (Where the parcel should be now) but they can't help without a consignment number. Because of the subcontracting I have no consignment number.

2 years ago Business Post were supposed to deliver a Dell PC to me and used the "We tried but you weren't in" excuse.

So I can easily see a clusterfuck approaching rapidly.


olanda said...

I totally agree, having had nothing but excuses for the past week since the driver could not find my address! They didn't even bother to contact me on both the occasions that I wasted a complete day each time waiting for the 'delivery' which was not to be. Apparently, they cannot pinpoint am or pm from the medway depot to an address only 35-40 miles away as it is 'not possible' ! In these days of the mobile phone and sat nav, I explained to them that I should probably change my trade from electrician to parcel delivery manager/driver as I could:
a) Find a location.
b) Use a mobile telephone.
c) By using mathematics and GMT, give an approximate time of delivery.

I await the new delivery time of 'this saturday' with baited breath.

Life is Beautiful said...

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