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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fortress Update

So far my fortress is progressing nicely. I have farms, workshops, large storage areas, plenty of sleeping and eating facilities and the capability to make much booze. A slight mixup means I won't be able to train wardogs for a while but hopefully I'll evade notice by the elephant armies for a while longer.

It did take about an hour for my dwarves to clear all the spare rock I had scattered around the place but all the rooms are clear now and I have plenty of room for expansion. I'm looking forward to the first wave of immigrants moving in. Things should move a lot faster once I have more pairs of hands. I didn't have enough craft items ready for the first traders this year so I couldn't afford an anvil. Metalworking will just have to wait until later.

A donkey and a horse seem to have taken up residence in the fortress but nobody will claim ownership of them. The dogs, cats and cows have all given birth to a new generation and the cats are doing a good job of keeping the rat population down.

Next job is to create more barrels and bins for storage and to try and get enough food and booze supplies for when the immigrants arrive.

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