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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Eee. Now in XP flavour

I used Nlite to install a stripped down copy of XP on my Eee PC on Sunday. It works really well and I still have 2gig free on the SSD for apps. A 2gig memory upgrade arrived for it today that I'll fit tonight and I'm waiting for a 8gig SDHC card to arrive from for my data. I think I'll fill it up with Sid tunes and a selection of Mame games.

Sadly Dwarf Fortress doesn't run fast enough. It maxes out the CPU and has a very low frame rate. It would have been the perfect portable DF machine too.

In other news Rockband for the 360 and PS3 will cost a taking the pisstastic £180 so they can fuck right off. GTAIV continues to look insanely great.

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